وکیل جرایم سایبری

''Quiet Seashore''

The Sea Is Calm Tonight

I think it's been a long time that I don't study English and I don't go to English classes anymore because I was so busy this semester. I got married and got graduated and these days I'm staying at my house with my love. My husband is so busy too but I like to get back to studying English again. I think I got weak in English and I'm so sad about it. My listening abilities became weak too. I hope my English gets better because I was so good at it before. Good luck my friends.

 +سلام دوستان مدتی بود آپ نکرده بودم.بعد مدتها دوباره شروع کردم به مطالعه. این متن رو که نوشتم یه چند جایی مورد داشت که دوستی تو کامنت لطف کردن و اصلاح کردن. ممنون

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